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Sunday, January 2, 2011

What is Happening at the Studio: Jan 3-9th, 2011

There is so much happening this week at the Studio with the launch of our awesome winter schedule.

For New Users of the studio: A Little About Our Classes

The studio operates on the fundamental philosophy of allowing every person explore their abilities. Classes are designed to allow everyone to work and progress at their level-you'll notice the instructors spend alot of time coaching and correcting alignment and form-this is your class-not the instructors! We are constantly attending the latest in training through the Y, Agatsu, CanFit, Phoenix Rising, Yoga Alliance certified workshops and other recognized certifying bodies. We believe in bringing the very best to Smiths Falls and surrounding areas. We believe that fitness is about having fun and embracing it into your lifestyle.

Why the 45 minute fitness class? Simply put-our classes are designed to produce maximum results in minimal time. In keeping with the most recent research into producing optimun results, our classes: Increase Strength; Reduce Injuries; Increase Flexibility and Reduce Body Fat.

We welcome any questions about our classes.

This week!

First, the Six Week Challenge!! If you are interested in taking control of your fitness level and your health, join the 6 week challenge. During the 6 weeks, a calender of daily physical activities will be posted on the bulletin board. Three classes a week at the studio and 2 days where you exercise at home. The 2 days at home will have a mini-workout (20 mins) conisting of a variety of exercises you can do on your own. If you're interested in the 6 week challenge, let Angi or myself know. I will be starting a support e-group for those who are interested so the exercise plans can be emailed to you. (There is an optional weight, measurement and BMI analysis for anyone who wants it).

KICK, the launch of KICK starts this week. This is the best of the fitness kickboxing, and boxing programs; strength and core conditioning and cardio-components. It is the studio's own program and I'm so happy to offer it in Smiths Falls.

Zumba...we have a whole lotta bhangra going on for the next set. The studio will be hopping and mega calories will be burning to the new set!

Real Men do Yoga-yes they do!! The newest of the yoga classes starts at the studio. John Capouya's book is called Real Men do Yoga: 21 star athletes share their secrets for strength, flexibility and peak performance. Although there may not be any star athletes, this class is for men and seriously, real men do indeed do yoga. This class is for theirs and we're so happy to have it available at the studio.

Yoga: Whether you are new or an advanced practitioner, this week we are detoxing using yoga. These classes have been popular when we have periodically held them and have been enjoyed by all. It is a great way to help the body remove toxins and aid your digestion and help you develop mental clarity.

Conditioning Classes: Men's Class and Women's Class: Classes this week are about kick starting your metabolism; boosting evergy and toning every major muscle group.

On behalf of all of us welcome to an awesome 2011 at the Studio!

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