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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friday Night Treats...definitely not always your friend

Friday nights and weekends are usually when we allow ourselves to indulge in some of our favourite treats-many of these are often not the best nutritionally sound decisions and negatively affect our health & fitness goals.

Yesterday as I was out a restuarant in Kingston I was in awe of the table of university students who were devouring the largest, loaded plate of nachos I had ever seen. That got me thinking about how in some social settings we engage in sharing platters, plates, baskets, etc. and lose sight of the portion of what we are consuming.

Those salty corn chips, slathered in cheese (and chicken/beef...) dipped into sour cream and salsa. If you believe that you are getting your grains, dairy, vegetables and meat in your Friday night treat, well really, does the food guide really mean this?

1 portion of nachos is 6-8 chips and here is what you are really getting and an average of how much exercised to required to burn those calories (this varies based upon factors such as your weight):

Nachos with beef, beans & cheese 787 cal, 46 g fat=running for 75 minutes to burn this off
Nachos with cheese 346 cal, 19 g fat=dance for an hour!
Nachos with cheese and sour cream 550 cal, 45 g fat=Zumba for 45-60 minutes

For more information on this oh so popular but so detrimental to your fitness goals, visit:

If you'd like to enjoy and learn some alternatives to your favourite processed food, visit the wonderful Stephania at


Ingredients for Life said...

This is funny considering I made nachos twice last week but not the conventional kind.

Yoga & Wellness For LIfe! said...

Actually I was in awe of those kids eating nachos cause age, slower metabolism and gravity hadn't kicked in yet.