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Friday, September 3, 2010

September News

We hope you all had an amazing summer!! Soon we'll be seeing the wonderful colours of fall as the temperature starts to drop and for allegry sufferers, relief is in sight!

We are celebrating our 2nd anniversory this week! To celebrate our growth and your presence during the past two years, we are offering free classes all day September 4 & 5th. Please come and enjoy the experience. Find out what is going on in your studio:

Schedule of who is instructing what will be posted in the studio.

Bulletin Board is being installed in the studio where we will post news, events, and general "stuff" of interest.

Yoga Class Etiquette: Just a little reminder of some things:
- No cell phones in the studio. Remember to turn them off once you enter the studio. If you are on call or must have your phone on, pls turn them on vibrate
- Stay in Savasana (resting pose), once it is time to go please leave mats in the room until after you change.
-If a yoga class has already started, when you retrieve the mats, find a spot on the floor and unroll your mat quietly.

Fit Fact:

Want to have a quick energy boost in 15 minutes-then try this (please respect any medical conditions and advice):
Warm up with 10 second sets of: light skipping rope; running in place; jumping jacks; jump over the line (hopping side to side, picking feet up), repeat each 10 second sets x 10 times
- jump rope 200
- 20 second burpies, followed by 10 second rest
- 10 reverse lunges with forward kicks (10 each leg)
Repeat 3 x
Cool down

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