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Monday, June 14, 2010

This week @ the Studio-June 14

As the studio starts to change from the winter/spring schedule to the summer schedule, I thought it would be a great opportunity to give you a huge kudos for continuing with your health and wellness goals through the winter and spring!

This week in Zumba is a little of the old mixed with the new. Enjoy!

A student recently remarked that her ashtanga practice was leaving her masculine energy enhanced and her female energy was becoming more silent. I could relate because sometimes my practice is so ingrained on Shiva, that Shakti becomes very silent. Personally I find this is the case when my entire week has been power based.

This week in yoga, we are exploring the female energy (Shakti) in all of us (yes, even for my male students). In yoga, male energy (the sun), is referred to as Shiva, and is the form of the universe. Male energy is the domain of the right side of the body. Whereas female energy (the moon), is referred to as Shakti, and is the force of the universe and is domain of the left side of the body. As one person, we need to be in constant balance of our male and female energy.

This week will mark the end of the Monday evening conditioning class. The last mom & baby class will be Monday, June 21 and the last community restorative class for the summer will be on June 28th.

The summer schedule is expected to be posted by Tuesday, June 29th and the studio will break from June 29-July 3. The new session will start with the Yoga in the Park series on Sunday, July 3rd at 0800.

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