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Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Schedule-Tentative

In keeping with observations from last summer's schedule and with the feedback from many of you, the following is a tentative schedule for the summer-commencing on July 3rd. Times will be finalized on July 16th. Some classes are shorter that normal for the summer but are designed to be more effective. The duration of the classes will return to their regular time allotment in the fall.

0900-1000 Yoga Flow & Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga (alternating from one to the other)
1000-1045 Zumba
1045-1130 Total Body Conditioning
1130-1230 Pre-natal yoga

0800-0845 Yoga in the Park (Lower Reach Park-July yoga in the park series-open to everyone)
0900-1015 Power Yoga
1015-1100 Total Ball (Conditioning & cardio class)

5:30-6:15 Total Conditioning
6:30-7:45 Yoga-All Levels Class (combining the beginner and Thursday group)

Boot camp

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