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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goddess Navasana

Goddess Navasana-From a seated position, bring the legs straight up to a 45 degree angle.
2. The torso will naturally fall back, but do not let the spine collapse. Make a "V" shape with the body.
3. Bring the arms out straight in line with the shoulders.
4. Balance on the sit bones-cross ankles and interlace first 3 fingers to webbing and extend index fingers.

Beginners: Bend the knees if necessary, bringing the calves parallel the the floor. This is Half Boat Pose. Place heels of feet on floor, bend knees and lift your spine tall or hold onto the backs of the legs as you lift your feet up and gain strength in this pose.
Advanced: To increase core strength, release from the pose bringing the legs and torso simultaneously towards the floor and hold just before you touch the floor. Come back up into the pose like a sit-up. Repeat this several times

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