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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Third Chakra-Manipura

This week in all yoga classes we will be engaging in practices focusing on manipura or the third chakra.

What is our 3rd chakra? This chakra is traditionally located at the navel (hence the alternative name of nabhi (navel) chakra), but in many modern chakra formulations it is placed at the Solar Plexus.

What is it responsible for? The third chakra handles the energy of your personal power, self-esteem and personality. Your third chakra is the place where you learn to create boundaries for yourself. Issues such as trust, fear of rejection, self image are all part of this chakra. This is the center for action, energy and power. In opening your third chakra, you may reach deep into your own sense of self and find your balance or boundary point. This point is the use of personal power as a weaver of inner and outer power. You have the power to create and accomplish, rather than the power over something or someone. In other words, you have the ability to manifest in the physical world. (

What if the third chakra is out of balance? Imbalance with the third chakra can lead to obesity, diabetes, hypoglycemia, heartburn, gallbladder problems and stomach ulcers. It can be better defined by the feeling of a ‘pit in the stomach’ when we are upset or nervous, or the feeling of our stomach ‘being in knots’.

What asanas engage the third chakra?
Pranayama: Bellows breath
Asana: Sun Salutation; wheel; bow; bridge; Warrior I & III, Chair; Side Plank; Eagle; Crow; Table; Dancing Cat; low lunge; plank; boat; extended fish

Enjoy finding your third chakra this week!! If you don;t find it don't worry, we're always in progress.

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