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Thursday, May 13, 2010

This week at the Studio-May 15

Zumba: Since we are transitioning to a new set, I have gone back and put together some of the most enjoyed music for this week from September to March-alot and I mean alot of moving! Next Saturday will see the introduction of the new set.

Yoga: Have you ever wondered about how yoga helps the body rid itself of toxins? This week all of the yoga classes will focus on asanas and pranayama to kick start the body's ability to cleanse. Yoga circulates positive thinking, which removes toxins from the body in more ways than one. Negative thoughts=toxicity and an inclination towards an unhealthy lifestyle that invites toxins rather than fight them.
Several yoga asanas clear up accumulated toxins (such as blood lactate build up), emotional waste and mental garbage.

Our asana practice will cleanse both your body and mind. It will also help to re -balance the body by aiding you in digestion and creating mental clarity-pranayama, cleansing breath.

Total Conditioning Class

Tuesday & Wednesdays 5:15 & 5:30 classes & Zumbatomics

Please note change in time due to meetings in Ottawa that affect my commute to Smiths Falls for this week (back to regular schedule next week):

Tuesday 5:15 upper body class-cancelled
Tuesday 6 p.m kickboxing will be at 6:15 p.m
Wednesday 5:30 total conditioning class, 6:15 p.m
Wednesday 6:30 beginner yoga class, 7 p.m

There are 2 weeks left to Zumbatomics! The studio is closed on Victoria day so the last day of classes will be May 31st.

Fit Fact - Simple methods to increase your metabolism

- Increase your muscle mass:
The more you increase your muscle mass the more your metabolism will increase: Your lean body mass is by far the most important factor of metabolism. Muscle burns up to 90% more calories than fat.

- Keep yourself in motion regularly:
After regular exercise such as walking, biking and swimming your metabolism rate will increase not only during the activity but for several hours after. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a great and natural way to embody exercise in your daily life.

-Eat more often, don't ever skip a meal :
If you try to lose weight by skipping meals or not eat at all, your metabolism will decrease which is the opposite of losing fat. The body goes into 'starvation mode' when there isn't a high enough calories available and becomes more efficient by storing high calorie macronutrients like fat.
Determine what is influencing your metabolism: There are some factors that you can change, and some factors that you can't. You should be recognize them.

-Eat small, frequent meals:
Extending the time between meals makes your body go into "starvation mode", which means it'll hold onto as many calories as possible and store them as fat.

-Drink water:
As with food, depriving your body of water can encourage it to "store" rather than "burn". In order to encourage your liver to focus on metabolism rather than water retention, make sure you drink an appropriate amount of water.

-Boost metabolism temporarily with aerobic exercise:
Boost metabolism in the long run with weight training. Muscle burns more calories than fat does (73 more calories per kilogram per day).

Have a safe & healthy week!
The Studio

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