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Saturday, September 3, 2011

This week @ The Studio-September 3, 2011

Happiest of long weekends to all of our friends!

We are so excited about seeing you all back after the summer and can't wait to hear how you have been!

A heartfelt thank you for all of your patience re: the new online system. Just one thing re access: Mozilla does not support the software, Internet Explorer does. If you do experience any problems, pls let me know and I'll address them for you.

I have finally figured out the new computer system-so for those of you who provided your priority in spinning, could you just verify with your schedule in the system I have you in a class? The spinning classes will open 24 hours in advance for anyone to book online and I want to make sure I have captured our members and cardholder's first.

We have lots of room in Wednesday's interval BTW!! It really is a great class-challenging but you control the extent of your workout.

Pre-natal yoga is on the schedule effective September 12, 2011!

Viewing the schedule: when you open the browser, select week as it currently will only show you the current day.

Booking classes: we do ask you book for your class-you can book for a single class or a recurring series. If have to cancel from a class, please do remove your self. This will provide instructors a better idea of who to expect each night and in the classes where equipment is limited and there is a waitlist, will allow someone else to take your spot for that week.

Spin Classes: We have tried to accommodate our members and card holders first in one of their first 3 choices. Once this is completed, the system will open up for online bookings. Bikes need to be booked 24 hours in advance. If there are no-shows more than 2x without cancelling from the system or giving us some prior notice, then the system will not allow booking online.

Cancellations need to be a minimum of 4 hours notice so the next person on the waitlist can take a spot for the class. We really do thank you for honouring this.

The Studios: Our "OM" studio (with it's new facelift!) will host Zumba, KICK, Yoga (except for Ashtanga, Kundalini and Yoga For Men), Boot Camp and TBC. Our venture with the lovely Amy, of the Gilder Corner, (right now on the schedule just called the Spin studio) will host spin, ashtanga, kundalini and yoga for men.

The new studio is a business partnership between the Gilded Corner and Yoga and Wellness-this boutique style gallery/framing and clothing and jewellery store combines the fluid lines of art with the fluidity of body in motion. Art and yoga go hand in hand and in that context we frame things into perspective. We hope you love this first of it's kind-it is a beautiful space. The artwork of Nora Brown graces the walls and serene colour of the walls are calming to the senses.

We are introducing a great line of yoga wear from i love yoga-which will be available in the boutique.

Workshops, Zumba Parties and Race Days will all be posted on the blog and then on the online schedule.

Yoga Teacher Training Welcome to our trainees as they begin their journey into teaching yoga!

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