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Friday, April 1, 2011

This week @ The Studio-April 2

As we begin to wind down the winter schedule and move towards the invigorating spring schedule, I thought is appropriate to acknowledge all of you (there is too many to start naming individually) that has made the studio such a success. When I began this journey 3 years ago, all I envisioned was running a few yoga classes a week in my new community as a way of offering a service and a place for yoga practitioners that really didn't exist. From my perspective, if other communities could have a yoga studio, why couldn't one exist in Smiths Falls? 3 years later and many lesson learned we have grown from a few classes a week to certification as a 200 hour teacher training studio; have expanded our programs to offer some unique and custom classes; have shared in the joy of 34 babies who have entered the world with moms who were balanced and calm; have witnessed so many physical and spiritual transformatons that despite how many times a week we may see your beaming faces, it still lifts our hearts. So thank you-it is you that has made this all possible. This week at the Studio: Yoga: Cultivating the Breathe & Cleansing The Body At its' essence, yoga promotes focus and calmness in your body and mind. This concept is spelled out in the yoga sutras, an ancient text of wisdom that yoga practices are based on, as "stirum and sukham". The postures on the mat are only the beginning of this practice. During classes we encourage you to focus on your breath and make it long, slow and steady. This is designed to focus and calm your mind at the same time. This encourages a mind body connection. Off the mat is even more important. Cultivating a sense of focus and calmness in your relationships, in your work and in your life, is the ultimate goal of a yoga practice. This week we continue our journey into cleansing and detoxifying the body using asanas and pranyama that will stimulate and activate the digestive system and rid the body of toxins we may have built up in the internal organs such as the liver. These classes will make you will great and we promise your digestive system will feel alive and function much more effectively for you. Fitness Classes Kettlebell-Since we do not want to disappoint anyone-there is a need to pre-register for the Kettlebell sessions that start with the new schedule. The Tuesday night class has 1 place left, Monday has 3. Sunday has 4. Zumba is a new set that started March 31 with a few oldies thrown in there. New Schedule...should be on the web this week. There have been a few minor changes to reflect preferences for class start times. -NATAL Yoga 5 WEEK CLASS Due to demand we wil be hosting a 5 week pre-natal yoga class session on Wednesdays from 5-6 pm starting April 27th. Have a safe and healthy week Darlene M, Charlene, Angi, Cheryl


diane thomas said...

Thank you for the fantastic and enlighting past season and I am looking forward to the spring sessions. Can you post the date(s) & times of the power Yoga Charlene will be doing? I hope to attend; thanks Diane Thomas.

Yoga & Wellness For LIfe! said...

The always fantastic Charlene will be doing a 3 week session intro to hot yoga on Fridays starting April 29.