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Monday, August 23, 2010

What to expect from a Power Yoga or a Vinyasa Class - New Classes at the Studio

My experience has been that when most yoga students see the term "power" in a yoga class description, they to want to roll up their yoga mats and run!

The term "power" conjures up images of challenging poses that bring up an intimidation factor-the reality is the "power" in power yoga isn't the physical poses, but the power originates from within each student. From a technical perspective, power yoga is based upon surya namaskar A & B (sun salutation) that flow non-stop to create a purifying heat, calm the mind and tone the body. It is an incredible class for building strength, stamina, flexibility; tone the body and is a great class for athletes (runners, cyclists, golfers, hockey players, etc.) but is also a class that can be adapted for someone new to yoga (although, my recommendation is that anyone new to yoga to get comfortable with sun salutation prior to trying a power class-remember, it's all about steadiness and comfort while in any class!)

Each power class is different as there is no set sequence to follow-so there is alot of variety in a typical class.

Our New Classes: Power 1 and Power 2

I will introduce a hot power class again in the winter-for the Fall schedule, there are 2 power classes.

Power 1 is a great class for beginning and continuing students who want to cultivate greater awareness, strength and stamina. It lays the foundation for power yoga 2

Power 2: This class is a continuation of Power 1 and a great class for those with experience in power yoga. It is moderate to advanced in intensity.

Vinyasa classes, I think to compare to a dance. Each pose is synchronized with the breathe (think cat-cow, inhaling and exhaling). Although yoga is about the breath as you move from one pose to another, vinyasa classes seem to just flow. There is no set sequence, so expect a lot of variety in a class.

Our newest class: Core vinyasa yoga

Your core is more than just your physical core-it is also the centre of your creative energy. If you've been enjoying the flex and flow yoga class, you are in for such a treat with this series. This class will transform your life-starting with the inner body first, resulting in greater changes on your mat. You'll also see greater changes in your self-esteem, confidence and direction of your inner wisdom.

Yin Restorative yoga

Yin, quite simply, is pure bliss that targets ligaments. tendons and fascia within the body. Each pose is held for a longer period of time that allows a safe and gentle opening of connective tissue that will leave you feeling spacious and lighter.

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