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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Expressing Gratitude For the good, the bad and the ugly

With each passing birthday I have observed that whether it is due to sentimentality, maturity or my evolving yoga practice, I am more open to expressing gratitude towards the events that have occurred and people who have entered my life.

Yogis would say that yoga and gratitude are connected-both improve how we relate to those around us and the events that happen in our lives. Gratitude creates positive emotions as does yoga-even when those built up emotions come out during an asana causing the flood gates open, the end result is positive as the body is ridding itself of negative emotions. I have been standing in mountain pose and started to cry-over what? Not sure-but there I was crying and my guru simply said to just let it be.

As events occurred in my life, even those raw, ugly ones, I would question why this was happening to me (the WHY ME we all seem to say at least a few times in our lives). I later began to acknowledge these events played some significance in my life-at the time of their occurrence I just didn't see it-nor would it be expected that I would do so. Often the realization of the impact takes years to develop.

This month, as another milestone quickly approaches, I am expressing gratitude for:

1. The people that have entered my life-even when I couldn't quite figure out why our paths crossed. As my path crossed that of others sometimes deep relationships form. Sometimes the contact was so fleeting but it provided an opportunity to gain an experience, regardless of how obvious or subtle it may be.

2. The bad events such as when my favourite employer downsized and I was left an unemployed single mother-I am thankful I experienced these as I have learned invaluable lessons from them, making me a much better and stronger human being. I used these to create positive changes in my life and in my approach to those around me.

3. The events that I thought I would never recover from-the first heartbreak; the loss of a parent; and those events that at the time appear to be so insurmountable that I questioned how I would overcome them. I discovered alot about myself during these events.

4. My husband, friends, family and all of those I have become connected to in the communities I have lived in and those I have met through my professional career. I am so grateful for the long-lasting relationships that have emerged from meeting some truly wonderful individuals. Among these I include all of those I have met since teaching yoga and fitness classes. I learn something about myself every time I teach a class. You have been the best teachers and when I say Namaste, it is coming from my heart-I truly am bowing to the teacher in you.

5. All of the wonderful things that have been created such as the robin's nest in the neighbour's porch with the one sweet robin who has taken residency there and all the physical aspects of our environment. Each time I visit my family in Newfoundland these become magnified, by the sight of the swells on the waves on the final approach to the St.John's airport-truly awesome.

This month, take a look at what you feel gratitude towards and more importantly, ask yourself if you are turning the negative experiences into something positive.

Since this post is all about gratitude, I'd like to close by sending you all a huge THANK YOU for voting for the studio as best in 3 categories for the readers choice awards. I am humbled!

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