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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This week at the Studio-May 1

Zumba....Hoping you're all ready to move on Saturday to the new set (May 1-10)....

I got a feeling-warm up
Fiesta Callente-merengue
Con el pompi-fast merengue
Pam Pam-reggaeton
chillando goma-samba
Mi primer million-cumbia/salsa
Cafe Mocha-salsa/flamenco
Boro Boro-bellydance/latin pop
Calabria (working the abs during this techno track in many creative zumba ways)
Sauvemente-slow merengue
My way-cool down/bhangra

Yoga's all about hip flexors & hamstrings. For any runners, cyclists or those who are interested in exploring releasing and strenghtening in these areas, this class is for you. This class will be adapted for the beginner & 2nd step into yoga classes.

Power Yoga & Intermediate-getting creative with standing balances (there are numerous creative ways to explore balances and learning about yourself). What I notice about balance poses? This week I met a business associate I had met only once and remembered his name. He was surprised I would remember his name since our initial meeting was fleeting. I have found the more I focus and ground in balance poses, my mind seems to have more clarity. Interestingly, I seem to forget (quite quickly) when our children try to remind us of something we might have committed to 3 months ago.

Monday's Total Conditioning Class: 7:45-8:30 p.m

I knew I forgot to add this! Since many of you have asked if this class will stay on the schedule-the answer is yes, it will. I will run this class for another 6 weeks (2nd Monday in June) or until the Monday night Zumba group starts to get a little smaller with the great weather coming on (whichever comes first)!

Thursday, May 6th Intermediate & Flex & Flow Classes

Will be integrated into the Wednesday night class (6:30-7:45) for this week as I need to be in Toronto on May 6 & 7 for my profession related training to keep the skies safe!

Enjoy...The Studio

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