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Monday, March 22, 2010

This week @ the Studio-March 22

ZUMBA-BATUCADA from Brazil-I fell in love with this song while looking for some decent Batacuda music-it's energetic, fun and easy to follow. The Bhangra song is from a favourite Bollywood movie that I saw some time ago and moves every body part! since the song set is being changed, there are some new songs added to the mix this week. Enjoy, laugh, have fun! Remember, any inhibitions get left at the studio entrance.

Pre-Natal Yoga - Finding release from tight, sore hips and backs. The chest opener will assist with any tightness through the shoulders brought on by the shift is weight forward.

Yoga-Cleansing pranayama and working with some vinyasa flow sequences I find beautiful to watch among students.

Fit Fact: Why do we push ourselves so hard?

I teach a yoga class in Ottawa and occasionally I like to take in a practice as well. This week I found myself in a class where I started to compete against myself. I was in a pose where I certainly was no longer comfortable, but instead taking a breath and coming out of it-I was determined to stay in despite the numbness that was coming into my hands.

Reflecting back on this, I had to question why I didn't follow what I preach in classes-if an exercise, yoga asana, routine, is causing discomfort, why do we persist in continuing? Accepting oneself and listening to what the body is telling you is the most important aspect of progressing in the activity you are involved in. The body needs rest - taking a break in a class or for a few days, is O.K. It will help the body become stronger and prevent the onset of injuries.

In other words, 10 push-ups with good form outweigh 50 push-ups with incorrect form. Your shoulders will become stronger, your lower back will love you for it-you will become stronger and have better technique. Incorrect form brings injuries to your wrists, shoulders and lower back-in the end achieving more damage than benefits. In addition, the muscle will work to the point of fatique, than anything that follows is exertion without benefits.

So the message this week-Accept yourself, listen to the body, go at your pace-your neighbour is going at their pace. Breathe!

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