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Monday, March 15, 2010

This week @ the Studio-March 15

Sweet March Break! The weather is great and spending time outside with children is a great way to encourage physical activity and create some great memories.

Zumba-SAMBA!! The set this week features a truly hip moving, calorie busting samba. I love Samba, despite it's reputation for being difficult to learn, there are so many variations that everyone can enjoy it.

Pre-Natal yoga-We're exploring asanas that alleviate leg cramps and sore hips.

Yoga-A strong core doesn't have to be difficult to attain. There are many asanas that help strenghten the functional muscles of the back and abdominals, which can be incorporated into your daily activities. Building upon the standing balances to help understand how the distribution of your weight, your mind and breath help with balance asanas.

The Amazing Ab class-This will be a lead class this week instead of the stations.

Fit Fact: Where are you in attaining your fitness & lifestyle goals?

Around mid February those goals that we establish in the New Year start to lose their lustre. We begin to permit interference with our plans to exercise or get some daily physical activity.

We all deserve to live a healthy life and to reach our potential, physical activity is an important aspect to attaining this. If you're finding that the motivation you had in the New Year seems to be waning, here are some ideas to consider when determining what to do next.

Evaluate your current routine to determine what really bores you. A new variation on your favorite activity—such as cardio-funk or kickboxing instead of step aerobics may help alleviate boredom. Since spring is around the corner, move outside if you've been working indoors during the winter.

Working out alone often is an oasis of solitude in a busy day, but maybe you need some company. Exercise companions add a social element to any routine. Participate in group exercise such as organized running clubs/groups. Or arrange a walking group.

Challenge Yourself-try a class or activity that you have not tried before. If you a walker or light runner, introduce some speed drills into your activity. Alternate walking/running faster between two light poles (after warming up adequately), followed by a slower pace between the next set.

Variety-Elite triathletes pioneered the cross-training concept, and it works for the rest of us, too. If you usually focus on one activity, substitute another a few days a week. Ideally, any exercise program should include elements of cardiovascular exercise, weight training and flexibility.

Take a Break-Sometimes you really do need time off. In that case, cut back on your usual routine and substitute other activities. You might even find an activity that you enjoy more than your old favorites.

Have a safe and healthy week

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L. Cramp said...

This time around I did not have any leg cramps. Both legs were fine till the finishing line. Even the knee behave accordingly. I am so impressed with myself. Timing improved. For this race I'd clocked in 1hour 30mins, placing number 244 (Bareno RUN10) as previously was 1 hour 45mins(SCKLM09). And hopefully my other RUN will cut on the timing, for I am hoping. But if it is not, I am ok with it as I am sure to have fun, running! RUN Suri RUN!! Oh... did I just said that .... hahhahah .. I must have enjoyed running this time around ......