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Sunday, March 7, 2010

This week at the Studio-March 8

Ok, so wasn't this the most amazing weekend! It was such a treat to see so many people out in the community, walking, running, blading, biking and skipping. Fresh air and sunshine brings the body Vitamin D (increases calcium levels & indirectly fortifies bones and teeth. It also regulates cells all over the body, influences insulin production and immune function, as well as helping prevent inflammation), also fresh air after a winter cooped up inside is great for the body.

ZUMBA this week-I had several customers at the Cafe ask what the laughter was all about on Saturday. Zumba, of course!! You were so great, particularly with the impromptu dance off. I didn't get the name of the new participant who led the other side of the room-my goodness, you are good! That fabulous Venezuelan drum set that goes on for 6 minutes seemed to go by really quickly. Your Zumba salsa are fantastic-it so such a treat to hear so much laughter in the Zumba class. This week we'll spend a few minutes covering the basics of tango from Zumba Basics 2, as it is a recovery song set in this week's set.

Total Body-Defined-Many thanks for the great feedback on this week's format. Thanks for allowing the Push! Group Strength format to be used on Saturday. I'll go back to it periodically.

Yoga-To the Wednesday yogis-although there are so many of you in that class already, it is appreciated how you accept and make room for others to come and try it. This week in all Yoga classes, we're into yoga for the chakras.

5:15 Classes Tues, Wed & Thurs

I am working in Ottawa Tues-Thurs until 4:30 this week-unless teleportation materializes within 24 hours, I will not be in Smiths Falls in time for the 30 minute Tues & Thurs Class or the Wednesday 50 Lbs plus class. I will re-schedule these or incorporate the classes into other classes. The remainder of the evening schedule is un-affected-if I'm late, it's traffic, but I'll be there.

Fit Tip for the Week: 4 Ways Exercise Helps Control Stress

1. Exercise can help you feel less anxious—Studies have shown that people are often less jittery and hyperactive after an exercise session.
2. Exercise can relax you—One exercise session generates 90 to 120 minutes of relaxation response. Some people call this post-exercise euphoria or endorphin response. Many neurotransmitters, not just endorphins, are involved. The important thing, though, is not what they’re called, but what they do: They improve your mood and leave you relaxed.
3. Exercise can make you feel better about yourself—Think about those times when you’ve been physically active. Haven’t you felt better about yourself? That feeling of self-worth contributes to stress relief.
4. Exercise can make you eat better—People who exercise regularly tend to eat more nutritious food. And it’s no secret that good nutrition helps your body manage stress better.

Have a safe & healthy week

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