Monday, December 21, 2009

Protocol at the Studio-Footwear, Mats & stuff

First, huge thank you for your patience during the installation of the new floor. It looks great and the feedback on the renos at the studio has been so positive. I'm so happy to be able to take the studio to the next level and create an environment reflective of urban studios. During the intersession, the roman column should be installed and this will complete the renovations.

The renovation has created more floor surface area to accommodate those yoga classes which have in excess of 17 students, who have been feeling claustrophobic due to those pillars. The studio can now accommodate 22 during yoga and the 30 minute express classes. The orientation of the mats will change during these classes.

The new floor means that no outer footwear can be worn in the studio. Please bring a pair of running shoes to wear during the fitness classes-this is to prevent sand and dirt from working it's way under the wood planks or between the edges of the planks. I will try to find the way to have a shoe rack for those who wish to leave their studio shoes behind.

Please try arrive 10 minutes prior to the starts of the yoga classes-if you arrive after the class has commenced, please find your place and set your mat up quietly. If the class has already started centering, please try to keep noise to a minimum as a courtesy to the other members of your yoga community.

Sanitation of mats-thank you for continuing to keep the mats clean after use!! If you have your own mat, it is recommended you bring it.

The studio will be closed from Dec 22, opening again on Jan 5th for another exciting year!

Season's Greetings and Best wishes for a Healthy and Safe 2010!


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