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Monday, July 6, 2009

News from the Studio

I hope you are all having a great summer & were able to get out and enjoy the fabulous weekend (ok, Saturday not so great but Sunday was awesome!!).

I have been busy with taking training courses in several areas to help bring more to the studio, its' students and the area. In keeping with my philosophy of continuous improvement of what is available, the studio will be offering Cardio Kickboxing (non-contact) starting on the fall schedule. The training for this was awesome and I had to admit I felt it 48 hours later. Coming from 20 years of judo I was really taken back by the intensity of the cardio and strength components of the training. In January, I will look at adding a second class, max 8 participants, where it will be contact.

Both infrared heaters are now up and warming the studio during hot yoga. The heat is more direct than the radiant heat from the fireplace and space heaters. Your feedback is appreciated on whether you feel these provide enough heat (each radiates in a direction that heats an 8 x14 foot area).

Yogalates, since we have been having so much fun with the stability balls, these will become a fixed part of this class. The resistance tubing will also be used (great for toning the legs!!).

Schedule Changes-Week of July 7-11

I am registered for one more yoga training session with Rising Phoenix out of Vermont. Since this group will be holding this session in Toronto, there will be no classes from July 7-11. This will be the last training course I will have for the summer as I prepare to bring the fall schedule on line. Your patience and consideration is most appreciated as I continue to improve the services offered at the studio through supplementary workshops and certification courses.


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The Veg Next Door said...

Sounds like some exciting changes. I'd be interested in the kickboxing -- no contact, of course. :-)