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Monday, January 2, 2012

Prosperity for Women: Kundalini Yoga Series

Sue's new Kundalini Yoga series at the Studio...Spread the word to women in your life!

This is a series of ten chapters developed by Yogi Bhajan for women as he felt the greatest enemy to a woman's prosperity is her insecurity and feeling that she is less than her true value.

Concentration on her priceless internal v...alue, emboding this belief gives her the ability to attract. Since happiness is our birthright than prosperity can be defined as a continuous expansion of happiness and the progressive achievements of worthy goals. It is the easy fulfillment of our dreams: financial success, health and a happy home.

As women, we have many goals, and there are many ways to find the wealth we seek. Our approach is a spiritual one: when we merge with our souls and our emotions merge with consciousness, we become radiant.

Prosperity comes with this radiance, as we connect with and ignite the light of those around us.

This approach involves three primary and interrelated aspects: 1. A spiritual component which involves merging with your soul into the vastness of your destiny. 2. A Psychological component which involves building an internal personality based on character. 3. An interactive component in which your personal relationships are illumined by your radiance

If you can succeed in any of these areas, whatever you focus on, such as money, a relationship, or a job, will begin to appear. deep and lasting prosperity is drawn to the woman who fulfills herself in all these realms. These aspects are the foundation for success. According to Yogi Bhajan, when a woman merges with her consciousness, she holds the power to create her life as she pleases.

The experience of consciousness connects you with the underlying energy that gives form to your dreams. It is a very soothing sensation which makes you stronger and more confident. your capacity to handly stress increases, your mind calms down, and you become more intuitively in touch with everyday reality.


Jan said...

When is this scheduled?

the Studio said...

wednesdays from 6:15-7:45 pm