Sunday, October 23, 2011

This week @ The Studio-October 23

This week I have been asking the question "What does deepen your yoga practice mean?" We see it on class descriptions, workshop descriptions, general references to yoga classes-but what does this really mean?

Personally, deepening my yoga practice is to work more on the restorative aspects of the physical and breathing framework-it is when I allow myself to take a softer approach to my practice that I, in effect, deepen my practice. For others, maybe deepen your practice means holding asanas with breath control, for a longer period or trying something a little outside the comfort zones we may have established in our practice.

So, how do you define deepening your practice?

We had an exciting Friday with the launch of Art & Soul-many thanks to you all for your ongoing support of everything we do! It would not happen if it wasn't for all of you. Thank you from Darlene, Cheryl, Sue, Angi, Charlotte and Charlene.

Classes this week! Thursday's Changes

We are participating in the Girl's Night Out on Thursday, so opening the Power Yoga class to anyone who is part of this event. The men's yoga on Thursday will be integrated into the power yoga. The Thursday p.m SPIN will be a demo from 6:15-7 pm for anyone who wants to take the class. The online schedule will reflect the Thursday changes.

Since the Kundalini yoga class has grown and your enthusiasm for the beautiful mantras is so encouraging, I've attached the link to RaMaDaSa-it is beautiful.

Angi is leading the SPIN and KICK class this week due to Darlene's absence-she did an awesome job in her first apprentice yoga teacher class on Friday-kudos to Amazing Angi!

Have an awesome week!

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