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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Draft fall Schedule!! Schedule Adjustments for August

We hope you have been enjoying the awesome sunshine! We have our draft schedule prepared (Some fine-tuning to be expected)-feedback on any changes would be appreciated.

The Tuesday 5:30 kettle bell group has been getting smaller as the summer progresses, so we are combining this class into teh thursday 5:30 group until the summer schedule ends, effective this week.

This week's Wednesday 0700 yoga and 5;30 boot camp are cancelled.

Fall Sked (Draft)
0745-0900 Yoga
0915-1000 Zumba
1015-1115 Spin & Strength (40 Endurance ride (aerobic conditioning) with 20 minutes of upper body strength)

0900-1015 Power Yoga: Om Studio
1030-1130 Spin: Spin Studio

6-7 am Spin & Strength: Spin Studio (Strength ride with upper body conditioning
5:30-6:15 TBC OM STudio
6:30-7:30 Spin: Spin Studio
6:15-7:30 All Levels Yoga: OM studio

5-6 Spin and Core: Spin Studio
6:15-7:30: Ashtanga Yoga: Spin studio
6:15-7:30: Beginner Yoga: OM Studio
7:30-8:15: KICK: OM Studio

6-7:30 am Spin & Flow
9-1015 am Yoga
1030-1130 Yoga for a healthy back
Noon-1245: TBC
5-5:45 SPIN Interval
6:15-7:30 Kundalini Yoga: Spin Studio
6-7 Zumba: Om Studio
5:30-6:15 Boot Camp Om Studio
6:30-7:45 Power Yoga Om Studio
6-7:15 Yoga For Men: Spin Studio
7:30-8:30 Spin

6-7 am Spin
5:30-6:30 Intro to Hot Yoga

1Sunday afternoon a month starting late fall: 1.5-2 hour Race Day Ride
1 Friday night a month: Zumba Party

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