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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thursday's June 16th Yoga Class is Moksha Inspired!

(without the heat!!)...this class will go through the basic poses from Moksha yoga (which I love when I visit Halifax).

If you have wrists or shoulder issues, you will love this class as the vinyasa flow is optional! Most of the class is standing-Savasana in the middle-floor-savasana.

If you want to take your core practice a little deeper, you'll enjoy exploring how to activate those muscles in standing asanas. This class holds poses a little longer (smile in uktasana!!) and the opening pranayama is a beautiful way to invigorate your mind, body & soul.

There are other ways to strengthen your physical and spiritual core without navasana and other traditional mat asanas!

This class is suitable for all levels and we'll be giving variations from beginner to advanced.


salvinder said...
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shikha said...

thanks i really like your thinking for yoga...
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