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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Membership Packages and Feedback

We believe in continual improvement and creating a studio environment where all of our wonderful students feel like they are part of a community.

As we begin to plan (yes, we are proactive) for the upcoming sessions, we are seeking your feedback on the questionnaire regarding membership packages, classes you would like to see offered, services etc.

Thank you for the time to complete this-you can email us at with your responses.

Kindest regards

The Studio
1. Are you interested in the following membership contracts
PAD=pre-authorized payment
Term: 12 months Cost: 480.00 or 450 upfront save 30.00
PAD: 40.00/month
Term 12 mons Fanily Cost: 560 PAD 46.66
Term: 6 months Cost: 270 PAD 45.00
Family: Cost: 375 PAD 62.50
Term: 3 Months: Cost 150 PAD n/a
Family: ost: 275.00 PAD n/a
Term 1 month: Cost 60.00 PAD na
Family: Cost: 110 PAD n/a

2. Would you like to see the following classes offered more frequently?
____Kundalini yoga ____Kettle bell interval 2x week
____Ashtanga yoga ____Cardio-Kickboxing 2x week
____Intro to Hot yoga ____Community running class
____Other ____Family exercise (Zumbatomics/yoga)
____Noon fitness/yoga classes

3. What improvements would you like to see added to the facilities?

4. What can we do to enhance your visit with us?

5. Do you feel there is balance between the yoga and fitness classes?

6. Are there workshops you’d like to see added?

7. What classes do you currently take?

____Kettle bell ____Boot camp ____TBC
____Yoga ____kickboxing ____Zumba

Thank you for your time to complete this! We appreciate your feedback and opinion

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