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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Men-Want to improve your Golf game? Stop looking as we have the answer!!

It is a well know fact that Tiger Woods meditates and uses yoga. So, we mightn't all be Tiger Woods, but yoga for golfers have been known to improve their symmetry; their stroke; their core; their focus and strength.

The following is a summary of the benefits of yoga to lower your golf score and increase your performance:

Yoga for golf is by far the best method of increasing your flexibility and staying loose.

There aren't many better feelings than making smooth, unrestricted golf swings are there?! Using yoga will make your entire body respond effortlessly to the demands of your golf swing and keep you loose throughout your round. It is one of the fastest growing areas of fitness in golf today.

Staying flexible and loose is an issue for golfers of all ages. This is why yoga and golf are perfect for each other. You can choose the level involvement of yoga stretches you wish to do. As we age our need for flexibility is arguably the #1 issue in playing decent golf.

Yoga allows you to maintain a suppleness in every area you choose to focus on. And what's really great about yoga is the benefits to your mind as well.

From a mental game/peak performance coach's perspective, this is the ultimate combination. In fact, the increased inner calm and peaceful state of mind gained through practicing yoga provides an excellent foundation for every aspect of the program.

Yoga Improves Power-You will get to that wonderful stage of effortless power instead of powerless effort!

Using yoga dramatically improves your overall flexibility, so in those times we rush to the first tee (hey, this is reality for most of us non-competitive golfers) unprepared, we don't have to feel like a piece of rod iron or stiff as a board!

If you like to read more about how yoga can be used to improve your golf game:

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