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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ths week @ the Studio-Staying motivated During the Summer Months

This week we have so much to talk about!

There is a new set at Zumba (no classes on holiday Monday), we will see you beautiful faces next Saturday! The conditioning class on Wednesday will incorporate some great exercises to get you ready for summer.

Yoga-I have received a number of e-mails regarding the cleanse practice we embarked on last
week. Many of you had some great (and interesting) experiences and thank you for sharing them. This week we are at the incorporating asanas to boost your energy levels and the function of your digestive system for those you are interested in using yoga for weight loss.

Schedule just a quick note that there are no classes on holiday Monday (May 24). For the month of June, the Monday night conditioning class will be ending on June 14th. The Sunday kickboxing will be removed from the June schedule as the studio is getting just too hot following hot yoga to have a cardio class. The Tuesday kickboxing class will remain until June 28th.

Summer Schedule & you!! As I get ready for the summer schedule, I am asking for your input on what you would like to see and on which days. The Saturday schedule will remain unchanged and Sunday a.m Hot Power Yoga will become Power Yoga for the summer (all levels can enjoy this class). Please e-mail me at with your suggestions.

Fit Fact: How Do I Stay Motivated to workout During the Summer Months

The May 24 weekend is the unofficial launch of Canada's summer season. The BBQs, ice-cream, mayonnaise and cream based salads and the beer, wine, coolers, etc. can all become obstacles to your health and fitness goals. The summer foods combined with the warm and often humid weather, can make exercising a low priority. However, summer brings an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables that can be incorporated easily into your lifestyle and most importantly-it is summer!! There are few excuses to not getting outside and moving!

Tip #1: Walk and Talk
The summer months are great for being outdoors and walking is a great form of exercise for weight loss-grab your friends and head outside. Walking 1 mile burns around 100 calories (for someone that weighs 150 pounds), and walking and talking is a great way to exercise and build strong bonds.

Tip #2: Buy a Bike
Like walking, biking is also a good low impact form of exercise. As a whole we drive too much, sometimes even just 2 miles or so to run a quick errand. Use your new bike to run errands close to home, save gas, and burn calories. Also, given the great trails in this area, you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Tip #3: Picnic and Plan Outdoor Activities
Summer is a great time for picnics. Plan a picnic and of course pack healthy foods, but also pack a Frisbee, soccerball, whiffle ball and baseball bat. It may not seem like a hard core workout, but tossing around a Frisbee or football burns more calories than watching TV, and all the extra activity adds up in the long run.

Tip #4: Start an Outdoor Project Around the House
There are so many outdoor projects that are perfect for the summer. You can build a deck or plant a garden. Exercise does not have to happen in a gym or in front of a television.
Outdoor projects can be a sneaky way to get in more exercise during the summer.

Tip #5: Find a Summer Workout Partner
Having a workout partner helps to keep both people motivated. It can be hard to lose weight all by yourself, but if you have a workout partner with similar goals, you can push each other to stay committed to the exercise routine.

Tip #6: Take a Fitness Vacation
Most people gain weight when they go on vacation because they just want to go eat, drink, party and sleep on vacation. But, I'll challenge you to take a fitness oriented vacation.If you go to the beach to relax, plan a 3-5 mile walk in the morning and a 3-5 mile walk in the evening before dinner (that could be an extra 600-1000 calories burned a day). Plan a hiking vacation, or a tennis vacation, or a swimming vacation. Get in the pool, lake, whatever for 1-2 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the evening before dinner. Do activities you love. But make a plan to be active on everyday of your fitness vacation.

There are a few outdoor activities being planned for the summer that will help you stay motivated - more on those next week.

Have a safe and healthy week
The studio

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