Sunday, January 17, 2010

This week @ The Studio-Jan 18th

So, learning that adaptability is a must after last Monday's huge Zumba class & having to change the set to accommodate the class size, we're ready for this week! This is the last week for the set we've had since Jan 4th-new set will begin on Saturday. We're just going to move tomorrow night.

Since the pre-natal yoga class is relaxing from 5:30-5:40, it would be sooo appreciated if the Monday Zumba class keep any noise down to an absolute necessity while waiting for their class to start. The pre-natal goddesses need to relax; restore their energy and reduce their stress levels.

Fitness Kickboxing-Release stress from your day while enjoying this intense set this week. Set design is focused on a total body workout.

Yoga - Hips and strong, healthy back are the focus of our practices this week. Although I have a number of individuals attending class for the first time to help with their spinal problems, it is important you choose the correct yoga class. If you are experiencing debilitating spinal issues, a beginner class may not be appropriate and a gentle/restorative class is strongly recommended.

It is important to "tune-into" the nature of your back problem and avoid exercises or Yoga poses that could make your back problem worst. Most Yoga postures can help you reduce back pain by making your spine stronger. Yoga can stretch and strengthen the back with movements typically used in physical therapy. Some postures strengthen the abdominal muscles which help support a weak back. Yoga's mind-body connection is a great tool to help you to identity tight muscles.

Have a healthy week!

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