Sunday, January 10, 2010

This week at the studio-Jan 11

Monday's morning and afternoon classes are cancelled for this week as I have to be in Ottawa all week. The Monday evening classes are still as scheduled.

Zumba this week is the 2nd week of the set introduced last week, with a few changes. A fabulous hip-hop from Zin 23 and a new salsa are introduced-gone is Candyman, Let's Get Loud and Please Don't Stop the Music. Next week will be the last week for this set - this means, more moving this week and next week-less of me chatting. The newest songs from the recent Zin 24 release and some other calorie-burning, how-much-fun-can-you-have songs will join the new set.

Kickboxing-Kudos to the group that braved the class this morning!! Awesome energy! Tuesday will be a reflection of the same high-energy, calorie-burning class.

Yoga-A big welcome to all those new faces and the returning faces that joined us last week! This week in all classes-shoulders and back and abdominals are our primary focus. We will also be exploring the beauty of standing balances-how they build strength, increase concentration and patience. The beauty of standing balances is the fun in falling out of them-it re-enforces the human spirit to be resilient as we go back into them. I have had my share of face-plants on the floor doing arm balances-I laugh at myself, picked my face and dignity up off the floor and went back at it again.

30 minute classes-Thank you for the positive feedback! I have so much fun putting these together and hopefully making them challenging to you. The Monday amazing ab class will be circuit based again. Tuesday's lean, strong legs class will be working on those dynamic lunge-squat combinations. Quite a bit of inner and outer thigh work as well.

The Total Body-Defined class-For the two Cindys that came to Zumba then took this class right away yesterday-You are both my heroines! This Saturday-we're re-visiting the obliques.

Have a safe and healthy week!

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