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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Love your body-Love your life

There's an epidemic going around, and it's called "Negative Body Obsession (NBO)." Too many of us judge ourselves to be "not enough" because we're not thin enough, pretty enough, tall enough. We hyperfocus on what we perceive to be "wrong" about our bodies, constantly diet, and suffer because we don't like our looks. Author Sarah Maria says: "We wage war on our bodies, We'll do anything to look better -- starvation diet, plastic surgery, pills, excessive exercise. Self-loathing has reached epic proportions! But you are now, have always been, and will always be whole, perfect, and complete. As you discover this, you will learn the key to living a life of peace, love, and beauty."

She has a proven five steps to overcome NBO:-Commit to change-Identify and detach from negative thoughts-Discover who you really are-Befriend your body-Find your purpose-and then... Love your body, love your life!

Reprinted from Coffey News.

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