Thursday, May 28, 2009

Transition to Summer Schedule-News from the Studio

Hello to you all!

The spring schedule will be in effect until Friday, June 12th.

During the period from June 13-June 26th, I am on a sabbatical and will be participating in training to expand the yoga practice and for certification for the newest addition to the studio's Fall program (I'm so thrilled over what we're bringing to Smiths Falls on the Fall schedule).

I am taking advantage of the summer schedule to participate in training in New Hampshire and Vermont to expand your yoga experience and in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver for the group fitness components. Except for July 11-16th, most of these courses are on the down days at the studio so the schedule will not be affected. I am also looking to introduce another certified individual to the studio to focus on the group fitness programs.

In general, my belief is that constantly upgrading knowledge and skills is essential to providing students of yoga or participants in the group/semi-private personal training sessions with the most current information and techniques to enhance their practice and sessions. I am a huge proponent of constant quality improvements and enhancements in order to bring the studio's participants premium instruction. Most importantly, I really believe in encouraging a sense of community so there is support for you and your goals.

Infrared heaters-the studio is being upgraded to 220 in order to handle the infrared heaters for hot yoga. Although it's taking longer than I expected, these should be up & running for the first hot yoga class of the summer session, Sunday, June 28th.

Looking forward to seeing you throughout the summer & if not, in the Fall!



The Veg Next Door said...

Sounds fun and exciting. I hope to get to more classes during the summer now that kid activities are over.

Is your house (the Mclachlan House) on the Open House list? I must check it out!

The Veg Next Door said...

Are classes still on this weekend?

By the way, I have a friend who's in England right now (returning in September). Do you want any tea or anything?

Welcome!! said...

wow, if he/she is able to pick up a box or two of Twinnings Cleanse it would be fabulous...

The Veg Next Door said...

Congrats on a successful and fun afternoon. What a great idea and for a great cause.

Your tea request is in.